Your contact for oil resources and fertilizers

Company Muller was incorporated in May 2005 with the purpose of trading crude oil and its derivatives.
Today the company provides services in the field of crude oil and oil products, both in the upstream and downstream sectors of the industry.

Crude Oil and Oil Products

Globe Supply of crude oil and oil products is mostly sourced from the Middle East and Russia.

Cargo sizes for crude oil are in the range of 1 to 2 million barrels, whereas fuel oil cargoes are around 100,000 MT maximum.

Fertilizers for crop enhancement

Tree growth Urea, as a fertilizer, is supplied in granular form or as prilled. It is safe to handle and its high nitrogen content (at least 46%), results in excellent crop yield increases.

Granular and prilled urea are principally supplied to final consumers in Mexico and Central America, South America, Western and Eastern Africa, Europe and South-East Asia.